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Folsom Prison Blues Anniversary

On January 13, 1968 Johnny Cash finally realized a dream.  He arrived at Folsom Prison to give two concerts that he'd record.

Along with his band was his future wife, June Carter (of the famous country singing Carter family) and his former label mate from the Sun Records days, Carl Perkins.

They did two shows which would later be the basis for a career comeback album, "At Folsom Prison."

Cash originally had recorded the signature song in 1955 while signed to Sun Records.  Sun founder, Sam Philips was the engineer and it was a hit for the singer.  But the live album became a megahit.  It soared to number one on the country charts and to number 15 on the national album chart. The live version of "Folsom Prison Blues", became his first a top 40 hit, since 1964's "Understand Your Man."

This song was covered by numerous other artists and remains as fresh as when it was first recorded 45 years ago.



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