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Finding Your Element: With Sir Ken Robinson

Discover Your Talents and Passions With This New Public Television
Special From Best-Selling Author Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson - Finding Your Element DVDNOW AVAILABLE ON DVD.


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This DVD features the one hour special and 21 minutes of bonus material including interviews with Sir Ken Robinson and a presentation by the Blue Man Group about how they found their Element.

Program Description:

Enjoy your life, don't just endure it! Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D., an internationally recognized leader in the development of education, creativity and innovation and a New York Times best-selling author, brings his noted speaking skills to the TV screen in FINDING YOUR ELEMENT WITH SIR KEN ROBINSON. In this new one-hour special, produced by Michael Rose Productions airing on public television stations, Sir Ken talks about how to find your Element and do the work you enjoy with a sense of purpose and contentment. This program offers practical advice, techniques and resources that will help you put your ideas into practice, helping you lead a more fulfilling life.

Sir Ken RobinsonFinding your Element is the surest way of living a life of value and personal fulfillment. But what is the Element, why does it matter so much and how do you find it for yourself? The Element is the point where natural talents meet personal passions. When we are in our Element, our lives take on a new character and purpose. So where do we begin to find it?

Sir Ken takes us on an intellectual journey of self-discovery as he plots out and explains where we need to begin this transformative exercise. With his guidance you will learn how to:
•    Find your aptitudes
•    Discover your passions
•    Realize what makes you happy and develop a sense of purpose
•    Practice the strategies and exercises to help you find your own Element

Finding Your Element is a quest. Life is not linear: it’s organic. It often evolves through unexpected twists and turns. It’s impossible to plan the whole journey but we can all take the first steps. Don't miss this opportunity to learn the tools you need to start living a more fulfilling life today!

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This program was produced by Michael Rose Productions, Inc., in cooperation with American Public Television with the generous support of Adobe. This DVD is being offered by King Rose Archives, a Division of Michael Rose Productions.

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